Welcome to a new weekend feature here at PopCult. Every Saturday we will be bringing back a vintage episode of Radio Free Charleston with the “RFC Flashback.”

The reason for this is that MySpace sucks. To be more specific, without warning a couple of months ago, MySpace relaunched all their pages, deleting all videos and blogs in the process. Almost half of our shows are now unavailable.

Over the next few months we will be re-uploading those shows, some with deluxe remastering, to YouTube, so that you can enjoy them all over again with higher fidelity than MySpace’s crappy fifteen frames per second.

And we’re going to do this in no particular order. This week, up at the head of this post, you see episode 57, our second “Show Without Words,” from January 2009, featuring Elemental Devices (AKA James Vernon Brown), Chuck Biel’s Punk Jazz and The Scrap Iron Pickers, plus a short film by Drew The Dramatic Fool and more. You can read the production notes here.