This week we are handing over Sunday Evening Video to our friend and former editor (and the instigator of this blog), Douglas Imbrogno. Doug and have created the lovely video you see above, and here’s an excerpt of what he writes of the story behind it…

Rebecca Skeen-Webb was a prolific songwriter, sweet friend and a dear musical compatriot of mine. After many hitches, open mics, and numerous rehearsals, we began playing out together as singer-songwriters at the latter end of the 20th century. We bolstered each other’s courage in a convergence of shared tunes, harmonic kismet and live performance. We learned by, well … by performing. It was a thrilling education and significant joy. Her song “Lights” remains one of my favorites, so much so that I recorded it and featured in on my first album after she was gone. Today, I am debuting a handmade music video version of the tune, in honor of this being her birthday month, although she has been gone from us a long while, now.

Doug goes on to tell about his musical partnership with Skeen-Webb, and you can read the whole story and hear her own rendition of the song HERE.

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