The PopCulteer
August 11, 2023

If it seems like I’m slacking off a little bit here at PopCult and just running photo essays this week, it’s because that is indeed the case.

Your PopCulteer is off on a roadtrip.

As I mentioned Wednesday, less than two weeks after The Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo happened in Louisville, your PopCulteer and his lovely wife are going to attempt to hit JoeLanta in Atlanta, Georgia and PowerCon/MEGO Meet in Columbus on the same weekend.

So not only is it easier to run photos than it is to write a long essay, it also lets me burn off these photos before I start filling the blog with photos from Atlanta and Columbus next week.

Sunday I’ll run a video of the raw footage of the vendor’s room from Kentuckiana, but even at that, I’ve got one more video and photo essay to put together. I just don’t want to rush that one because I want to make the video of Brad Curry’s Spy Island diorama special.

Meanwhile, look at what fun we had at Kentuckiana…

Special guest, on the right, legendary GI Joe toy and package designer, Ron Rudat

Steve Stovall, one of the organizers of the show, and one of the moving forces behind Super Joe Unlimited.

Former frontman for Holden Cauflield, Dana White, and Terry Ruin. Terry put together a cool custom GI Joe: RAH figure (Cobra Mortal) and has a fun YouTube channel dedicated to GI Joe and Transformers. Dana designed the packaging for the Cobra Mortal figure.

At some point, I’ll tell you more about the inflatable tank.

The late Wolfman Bratcher’s collection was for sale.

A random shot of cool toys.

The Mauraders Toys gang at work.

Adventure Team Nirvana

There was quite a crowd checking out the toys.

Too big to even consider after getting that Batmobile.

Eagle-eyed Mel spotted the Beatles guitar.

Colorful display from Cotswold Collectibles.

And Greg Brown from Cotswold Collectibles, who will be helping empty my wallet this weekend at JoeLanta.

I think this photo was from the Friday preview, when there weren’t so many people.

Finally, we have a sharp-dressed man from The Pawtucket Platoon.

And that is this week’s PopCulteer. Check back for fresh content every day, even if some of it was prepared in advance, it’s still fresh to you, dammit.