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May 24, 2013

Still Recovering

Here at PopCult Central we are still rebuilding after the devestating battery back-up explosion from a couple of weeks ago. However, we’re expecting things to be back to normal next week as The PopCult Toybox returns with an update on some cool stuff we’ve told you about recently, in addition to that, the PopCult Bookshelf will return with a look at some new magazines that you can find on the stands.

Speaking of magazines, you can find an article I wrote about American Horror Story trading cards as the cover feature of Non Sport Update, on stands now.

There’s a good chance that Radio Free Charleston will return on June 1 too, a bit ahead of schedule, but at full strength with a strong line-up.

Of course Monday Morning Art will return, as will The PopCulteer. Sunday Evening Video will take the week of because nobody reads blogs on the Sunday before a day off.  The managment thanks youse for your patience.

Last Minute Qiet

Qiet has a Kickstarter page to raise funds for their next album. It’s getting down to the wire, and we didn’t get a chance to plug it earlier due to our well-documented computer troubles. If they make their goal in the next few hours (edit that, they just made their goal, but you can still help out and get some nifty goodies), they will get the chance to record their new CD with Eddie Ashworth, a producer who’s worked with Sublime and Pennywise. Qiet will popping up in RFC 186, and you can get some really cool new music from this unique band.

Stuff To Do


Hellzapoppin with The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque will invade The Sound Factory at 9 PM with a show filled with fire, swords, acrobats, trained dogs who can do your taxes and more, all this and they’ll be joined by the lovely dancin’ womerns of The Wayward Girls. Admission is twelve bucks.

Just down the Boulevard, messing with traffic, in a good way, is the first Live on the Levee of the season, with 600 lbs of SIN kicking off things at 6:30 PM, folowed by The VooDoo Katz at 7:45 PM. It’s an evening of awesome local music FOR FREE.

More free music includes Holy Cow at Taylor Books at 7:30 PM, John Lilly hosting a Vandalia Jam at Bluegrass Kitchen at 9PM, Rick Perdue and Friends at Timothy’s Bar below the Quarrier Diner at 9:30 PM, Hillbilly Carnival at Bruno’s at 9 PM and all the way down at Barnyard BBQ in Hurricane, Neil Curry and Glenda Briscoe, from 7 PM to 10 PM.

After opening Live on the Levee, 600 lbs of SIN will march themselves over to The Empty Glass to play at 11 PM for the famous $5/$7 sliding cover.


The No Pants Players are heading to Tamarack on May 25th for their first Adults Only performance in the pie-pan shaped culture house. The evening begins at 7 PM in the Conference Center Atrium with a Cocktail Hour. At 8pm the NPP takes the stage in the Governor Hulett C Smith Theater. Tickets on sale now! $12 in advance, $15 at the door,, or

Free music Saturday includes the awesome Sean Sydnor at Bluegrass Kitchen at 7 PM, The Chucktown Trio at Timothy’s starting at 9:30PM and The Disappearing Man at Taylor Books.

Needful Things and Renegade Mary bring their classic rock sounds to The blue Parrot at 10 PM, with a five-dollar cover. Deadface Down, StychNTime, Elysium bid farewell to The Sound Factory, also at 10 PM, with a five-dollar cover. The McGees (formerly Tom) will be at The Empty Glass starting at 11 PM, with the sliding cover charge.

That’s the week in PopCult for now. We should be back to normal by Sunday


  1. Susan Hooper

    Would you please post a video of The Needful Things doing a Tom Waite song? Thanks!

  2. rudy panucci

    I will see what I can do. Have to catch them in the act, first.

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