A year and a month after the triumph and the first “With A Little Help From Our Friends” marathon of Beatles songs, Rubber Soul once again assembles an all-star collection of the state’s finest musicians to pay tribute to the Fab Four. On March 9, at The West Virginia Culture Center Theater on the State Capitol grounds, Rubber Soul presents: “With A Little Help From Our Friends – A West Virginia Tribute to the Beatles” As with last year’s show, this is a fundraiser for West Virginia’s  Fund for The Arts.

This time around they’re not going to attempt to play every song The Beatles recorded, but they will present a “hard day’s night” of some of the state’s top bands diving into the Beatles songbook. This event features seven West Virgina groups paying tribute to the music of the Beatles. Each group will play music from an iconic Beatles album: Rubber Soul will play the “Rubber Soul” album; Qiet will perform music from “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”; Of The Dell will play music from “Help”, “Revolver” and tunes from the touring years; Carpenter Ants will play music from various Beatles albums; Independent State will feauture music from “Let It Be”; Beggars Clan will play music from “The White Album.”

Minor Swing will be set up in the lobby playing instrumental Beatles hits.

Mark Scarpelli and his group, Rubber Soul, have been spreading the gospel of The Saints from Liverpool for years, and this will be an evening of music that proves that all you need is love.

Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door. You can order tickets through Showclix.  The evening will begin at 7 PM, at the West Virginia Culture Center Theater.

Last year’s event was one of the most-talked-about concerts of the year, and this year’s show is sure to be a splendid time (I would even guarantee it for all). Sadly, your PopCulteer and his wife, Mel Larch (who performed in last year’s show) will not be able to participate because the date coincides with our annual trip to Atlanta for ToyLanta, which I will be telling you about all next week. Still, if you’re in town and love the music of John, Paul, George and Ringo, there is no place else to be but at this show, a week from this Saturday.