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Wrapping Up Toy Fair 2019…For Now

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March 1, 2019

It’s time we wrap up our coverage of Toy Fair for this year. At least for now.

First, we offer a PopCult tip of the fedora to Greg Autore, who attended Toy Fair last month, and offered to share lots of photos of the 1/6 scale offerings for us to use here. We wrote about Greg HERE, and can’t recommend his website enough. All of the photos in this week’s PopCult are courtesy of Greg Autore, a talented toy designer and consultant, and a fine photographer as well. We’ll be revisiting Toy Fair with more of Greg’s photos in the coming weeks. Thanks again, Greg, and see you in a week at ToyLanta.

Our header image this week is Greg’s photo of the Kotobukia statue of Scarlett, a member of GI Joe, coming this summer.

The huge trade show for the toy industry wrapped up a a week and a half a go, and next week PopCult will focus on bringing you the best advance coverage of ToyLanta that we can,. After we get back, we have more of Greg’s pictures plus some other news to bring you about this year’s toy offerings. First, we have some links to other coverage.

Mattel is a bit of an odd bird at Toy Fair. They meet privately with toy buyers throughout the year, and even shut down their New York office recently since they only use it once a year. Much of the news about Barbie and Hot Wheels has been available for months. For the most extensive photo coverage of what’s coming from Mattel for Barbie, go HERE .

Photos of the Mattel showroom can be seen HERE, including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Toy Story 4 and several of their other toy lines.

Good photos of Mattel’s DC action figures, Imaginext and multi-colored Batmobiles can be found HERE.

With that out of the way, let’s get a look at Greg’s photos from a couple of the high-end action figure folks…

ASMUS Collectible

One of the more interesting high-end action figure companies, ASMUS will be releasing figures based on Lord of the Rings, The Hateful Eight, Devil May Cry, and more. Most of these super-detailed figures will retail for around two hundred dollars, give or take a twenty. Check some of them out below…

Eomer, from Lord of the Rings.

Vergil from Devil May Cry

It’s an interesting mix of licenses, that’s for sure.

Quantum Mechanix

The Q Max folks always have some amazing high-end figures on display, and this year they showed off a large assortment, which will retail in the $180-$250 range…

What could be more horrifying than a foot-tall figure of a nun, from the movie Nun?

Maybe a Clown. Definitely if it’s Pennywise, from IT.

One of the very smart things that QM has been doing with their high-end figures is that, when they do several based on one property, they only release one or two a year. This is, I believe, the fourth figure they’ve done from Supernatural. This way fans can save up for them, instead of deciding to pass on the whole series because they come out all at once.

The Dread Pirate Roberts is the first 1/6 offering in their Princess Bride line.

Captain Picard starts off the Star Trek: The Next Generation series.

Scotty, from Engineering, is the sixth figure in the Star Trek : TOS line. We got to see the first offerings from this line when we last went to Toy Fair in 2016.

That is our PopCulteer this week. Be sure to check back for our regular features, and get ready to hear about ToyLanta for the next couple of weeks.



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  1. Greg Autore

    I had my nose as close to the glass cases as I could to check out the soft goods detail on these from QMX – I was impressed by the quality.

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