The latest episode of Radio Free Charleston is online now. That’s it right above this text!

“Green Lantern Shirt,” with a namesake shirt chosen in honor of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday this week, sports host segments from Studio 1031, one of the newest participants in ArtWalk, which resumes its monthly schedule this week after taking a couple of very cold months off. 1031 is the home of several artists who used to be part of 1033 Quarrier, the old LiveMix/Gallery Eleven building. With a bright new space and lots of great art, it’s going to be one of the top locations in Charleston’s ArtWalk.

Music this week comes to us from Andy Park, and Qiet. Andy and Qiet are two of the four artists performing at this Saturday’s Colesmouth Concert Series show at The Alban Theater in St. Albans. We close the show with a return visit from Roger Simms.¬† Roger and his band, Short Of Cash, will be at The Pour House in Dunbar on Saturday night.

Our 123rd episode also includes a short new film by MURFMEEF and animation from Frank Panucci. A recurring theme this week is all the mistakes and near mistakes I make in the host segments. For instance, in one segment I call Studio 1031 “the 1031 gallery.” I also forgot to mention that the short by MURFMEEF was actually by MURFMEEF.

MURFMEEF returns to Radio Free Charleston with the most honest beer commercial in the world. Someday you will see this during The Super Bowl.

Andy Park is back on RFC with a new song, “Attention,” which you may just get to hear this weekend at The Colesmouth Concert Series Show. Andy, aside from being a gifted songwriter and solo performer is also a member of The VooDoo Katz. In this video he is joined by his fellow VooDoo Kat, Deron Sodaro, on stand-up base.

One of my other SNAFUs this week comes when I almost misprounounce Deron’s last name. I’ve known Deron for about 20 years, but if you watch closely you can see my brain start to shut down right when I say “Sodaro.”Neurologists may have a field day!

Our animation is a CGI classic from Frank Panucci, remastered for widescreen. “Crowd” was first seen way back in August 2007, on episode 24, ninety-nine episodes ago. Fittingly enough, that was also an episode with host segments filled with mistakes. This new version of Frank’s semi-abstract oceanic eruption is digitally-enhanced to be wider than it was originally. In another gaffe, this animation was chosen for the show before certain other oceanic eruptions took place, and I didn’t even notice that until after the show was rendered. So please don’t take any offense at the timing of this short. It wasn’t intentional.

QIET is a band that I don’t know a lot about. I do know that I was blown away by them last month at the Dave Russell benefit show at The Empty Glass, and that I hope to have them back on RFC soon with a multiple-camera shoot. Their music is fantastic, eclectic and unlike anything else you’ll hear around here.

With an ever-changing line-up that can include Accordian, Violin, Trombone, Trumpet and electric saw, in addition to guitar bass and drums, the band is a pure delight of original sound.

You can catch QIET, anchored by Christopher Harris, Abby Holmes, Courtney Holschuh, Russell Snyder, Gordie Trent and Mike Waldeck This coming Saturday at the aforementioned Colesmouth Concert Series show in St. Albans. You should make it a point to get out and experience all four acts on the bill.

We wrap up the show with a return from Roger Simms. Roger’s band, Short Of Cash, will be performing at The Pour House on March 19, bringing classic country music back where it belongs, in a bar where the beer is ready to be cried into. Just like last week’s show, this rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Folsum Prison Blues” was shot in one take in the back of a pickup truck parked on Capitol Street.

That’s the background on this week’s show. Next week RFC returns yet again with music from Electro Biscuit, Slate Dump and Red Audio. Be here in seven days as we continue our sprint past spring.