The PopCulteer
October 28, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Are you ready to have the crap scared out of you?

It’s Halloween time, and that means that there are more things to do in town than a human possibly could.  ArtMares, a horrific art show at Kanawha Players Theater, is still going on with a big reception tonight. Come on down, partake of the free food and booze, then spend your rent money buying art.  We’ll be looking at some of the ArtMares art at the end of this PopCulteer.

After that, get yourself over to The Empty Glass. You can witness the world premiere of “Porkchops,” the first-ever sequel to a West Virginia-made horror movie.  I’m so enthusiastic that I’m going to quote the Facebook event page:

“We’re kicking off the EMPTY GLASS HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY WEEKEND with the premiere of our latest film PORKCHOPS. Also on the bill are the awesome horror-punk sounds of THE RENFIELDS as well as the hyper-energetic ska-pop-punk horn blasts of THE TOM MCGEES, featuring ex-members of 69 Fingers!

We’ll also be holding a massive COSTUME CONTEST where the winner will walk away with a VIDEO CAMERA as well as a ton of other goodies!

There will be DRINKING GAMES!


This is the perfect start to Halloween weekend! You DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!”

What they don’t mention is that the cover charge is seven bucks–five if you’re in costume, and the movie starts at 10 PM, with the bands following. Also, your PopCulteer has a cameo in the movie (unless it wound up on the cutting room floor) playing a hatless redneck mover, with Lee Harrah.  Come see the horror!

A scene from "Porkchops" : Your hatless PopCulteer drinking warm Seven Up out of a beer bottle at Coonskin Park while Lee Harrah pretends to take a leak in the background.

The Halloween RFC

Uh…there won’t be one.  Radio Free Charleston will return in November,  but the elaborate Halloween Time Travel episode has been put on hold. A family illness has intruded on the production schedule, and rather than do a half-assed version, we decided to delay the time travel for a future show. The wait will be worth it.


Remember that HallowEast spot…

Well, you can check out the HallowEast website for full details on the remaining events like The Zombie Walk and The Costume Ball.

And while you’re at it, check out this Gazz rundown of Halloween events.

Dr. Sketchy’s At ArtMares

Also tonight, at ArtMares, onstage while Tofujitsu is performing, there will be yet another session of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art Show. The models will be posing in a Halloween theme, like they did earlier this month.  See what they’ve inspired…

ArtMares Photo Essay

Before we head off into the night, check out these images taken Wednesday night during the ArtMares preview showing.


Cool work by curator, Jenifer Sheets, and Kristen Costello greets you at the sign-in sheet (and please sign in if you go).
Kelly Bryant’s Zombie Dog
Work by Hannah Stone, Clay Sayre and your PopCulteer leads you up the stairwell.
Work by Hannah Toney
Chase Henderson’s work. The top row is a tryptich featuring Chase’s self-portaits of himself dressed as three local artists–Mark Wolfe, Glen Brogan and yours truly
Chase with a now clean-shaven Rudy Panucci, in front of his portrait of himself dressed as me. If that’s not confusing enough. Photo by Mark Wolfe.
More doppelgangery as Mark and Chase pose in front of the picture of Chase as Mark.
Speaking of Mark Wolfe, here are two of his entries into this year’s ArtMares.
Dale Morton arrives, with a cool painting by Jamie Powers in the background.
Two of Dale’s impressive death heads, bracketing a colorful skull by Jamie Miller.
Cool gut-like plumbing by Nik Botkin
Work by Tara Bradley and Vasilia Scouras
Cool collages by Tasha Walters
Some of the neat stuff from Keith Allen
Sculpture by Matthew Thompson
Sculpture by Matthew Thompson
Ian Bode pays tribute to the nemesis of The Red Baron
Amy Williams’ Trickster
“A Scary Idea” by Rob Cleland. I would’ve been tempted to call it “Head Light.”
“Till Death Do We Fall Apart” by Devon Woodrum
Clay Sayre seems to be taking us back to the days of The Captain Company
Exquisite work by Joe Bolyard
More cool stuff by Joe
A very moody piece by Bernice Deakins
Jamie Powers impressive and huge “Party At Castle Greyskull”
More coolness from Jamie Powers
More coolness from Dale Morton
Chuck Hamsher, Dale Morton, Chase and Rachel Henderson
Chuck’s “Unlawful Flight To Avoid Prosecution”
Great digital photo manipulation from William Price
More from William
Dale Morton, William Price and your PopCulteer, photo by Mark Wolfe (swiped from Facebook)

That’s about it for this week, folks. I hope you get to go out and enjoy some of the great Halloween festivities all over the area.  And please be careful, use a designated driver, don’t get bitten by anyone you don’t know and don’t eat any of the razor-filled apples.

Next week PopCult will revert to our regular sad attempt at normalcy.