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Coming Attractions: The Marx Toy Convention Coverage

Last week I told you all about the Marx Toy Convention, which happened last weekend at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling. A wonderful time was had by all. Cool, rare toys changed hands, and this post is to let you know that I will be posting video and photo essays beginning Thursday, here in PopCult.

Once again your PopCulteer was bedeviled by shaky hands (our famed monopods have spent the last year in the trunk of my car, which wouldn’t have been a problem, except for the fact that we took Mel’s car to Wheeling). So I’m having to sort out which photos are acceptable, and I still need to write and record voice-overs for the video we shot, which hasn’t happened yet because it’s been very loud around Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor this week.

So today you just get a teensy taste of what wonders await you, and I probably get to stay up past midnight so I can record my narration without airplanes, trains, lawnmowers, fireworks and monthly emergency siren tests fouling up my work.

So check back with PopCult because we’ll be loading up with terrific Marx Toy Convention goodness over the next couple of days. Here’s one sneak peek photo as a teaser…

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  1. Lee Bowling

    Can’t wait for your full review – it was great seeing you Rudy!

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