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Cool Thing Of The Week: A Radio Drama


My buddy Craig Wichman and his Quicksilver Radio Theater is producing a new Radio Drama, “Lincoln’s Last Day,” which you can listen to starting Thusday afternoon right here.    Podcasts will be available after the initial airing.  This is just in time to observe the birthday of our sixteenth president.  Craig and Quicksilver were responsible for the cool radio adaptation of Frankenstein that I linked to a couple of Halloweens ago.  Help keep radio drama alive.  Listen to the streaming broadcast, or download the podcast version.  And DON’T SPOIL THE ENDING!


  1. Elvis Capone

    Fo godz sake, air a disclaimer before this so the WAR OF THE WORLDS incident isn’t repeated. There could be panic in the streets if the public was to think Lincoln was being shot all over again.

  2. Smythe

    Didn’t John Wilkes Booth hide in a radio and jump out and shoot Lincoln during a radio play?

    Or was that Kennedy?

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