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Production Notes: The Rest Of The Story

We wrap up our production notes on Radio Free Charleston, episode 14, with details on the short films and host segments for the show.

Local animator and filmmaker Joe Justice graciously let us share his 2002 film “Marvel Jackass” with the RFC audience.   Joe made this movie for a Wizard Magazine contest, and when he didn’t win, he decided to put it up on his website.   You can check out his site for full credits and production notes.   You can also download the full uncut version of Marvel Jackass.

We also have the latest chapter in an epic devil cartoon, wherein little Timmy has started smoking illegal substances in Satan’s camper.   Satan is NOT HAPPY.  This adventure will continue into the next episode of Radio Free Charleston, since it was just too big for one show.  

The host segments for this episode were almost an afterthought.  We shot them after I spent two 14-hour days editing the rest of the show. If I seem a little less organized than usual, perhaps a tad more mumbly, that’s why.  Sleep deprivation will do that to you.  This episode is called “Spider-man Shirt,” which I wore in honor of Marvel Jackass, even though Spider-man isn’t in the film.   It’s not like you can go buy a Forbush Man T Shirt at Steve and Barry’s. 

So that’s the full story of RFC #14.  You can read all about our musical guests Fanatomy and Go Van Gogh in previous PopCult posts.   Go watch the show already. I gotta go dig my car out of the snow. 


  1. Mexican Romeo

    Now that’s worth getting snowed-in! Keep up the good work.

  2. Smythe

    Funny, funny stuff. How long have you been doing this show? It’s a nice little oasis of sweet on the vast internet ocean of suck.

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