In honor of our mile-long review of Disney/Pixar’s CARS, the toy of the week this week is a tie-in to the movie. Specifically, the playsets based on the town of Radiator Springs. Mattel has rolled out a full assortment of toy cars in all sizes based on the characters from the movie, but the really cool item that they’re creating are the playsets. These are plastic play environments that replicate the buildings and scenery from this brilliantly-designed cartoon. There is a full assortment of cool, interlocking playsets. You can find detailed models of Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, Lizzie’s Curio Shop, Ramon’s Custom House of Body Art, and the biggie, Flo’s V8 Cafe. Flo’s opens to reveal a detailed interior with lights and other cool features. These sets connect to the Mountain Challenge Playset, which features a shaking mountain road with sharp curves and constant motion. This set comes with an exclusive version of Lightning McQueen. These playsets hearken back to the glory days, when toy cars came with giant garage and service station playsets. With the nostalgic designs from the movie and the obvious kid-appeal, these toys can easily bring generations together. You’ll be able to find these anywhere toys are sold, and probably in a few places where they aren’t. Prices range from ten bucks for the smaller sets to over thirty for the Mountain Challenge.