This week the Cool Toy is an action figure made by Hasbro, one of the big toy companies, but since it’s a unique figure, and since getting your hands on one is going to be fun, I thought it’d be good to showcase this guy. You read about him in GazzNotes, now you can get the action figure!

It’s George Lucas, as the limited edition George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise tribute figure, from the new line of Star Wars action figures. The catch is that you can’t buy it in stores. As part of the Star Wars Ultimate Galactic Hunt You have to collect and send in five proof-of-purchase stickers from the new assortment of Kenner-styled Star Wars action figures. These figures harken back to the classic action figures that many of us grew up collecting. Including Lucas as a Stormtrooper is a great gag and something that will delight hard-core Star Wars fanatics.

My buddy, Derryl Depriest, brand director for Hasbro’s Star Wars division explains, “As the architect of the Star Wars galaxy, George Lucas has entertained millions of fans with his classic space saga of good versus evil. The new action figure allows Hasbro to honor Lucas, the greatest character in the universe.”

You’ll have to buy a few specific figures to get the redemption certificate and different stickers (you can see an example on the left), and you’ll still have to kick in $4.95 for shipping and handling, but you’ll be rewarded with a cool, somewhat goofy action figure. You can find full details about the promotion here.