Tuesday 10 4With Monday in our rear-view mirror it’s already time for the Tuesday line-up on The AIR, this week with a fresh installment of Radio Free Charleston as well as encore episodes of  Radio Coolsville and  Six Degrees of Separation featuring Johnny Compton, plus we have an encore of last week’s Radio Free Charleston International.

As is always the case, you can tune in at The AIR website or on this special little embedded radio player widget…

It all kicks off at 10 AM with a brand new Radio Free Charleston, which opens with “Losing My Dreams,” the song recorded earlier this year by Deadknot, an international supergroup that includes Charleston’s own Mark Wolfe on guitar and backing vocals. Mark was invited to Wales to record this one-off song with Ron Griffiths, Marko Kovacevic and Richard Godly.

We spoke at length about Mark’s overseas recording adventures back in July on the RFC Interview, and later this week we will re-present that interview, with this song edited in so you can hear the stories behnd its creation. but we didn’t want to wait until then, so we’re opening this week’s regular RFC with it, too.

After we debut Deadknot, we dive head-first into our archives, bringing you the 1968 hit, “Next Plane To London, by The Rose Garden, with lead singer Diana DiRose, from Parkersburg, and we dig out a few live recordings and mix them with old and current album tracks, to give you a gigantically pleasing and enlightening local music sampler. You can hear it again Tuesday night at 10 PM, and Thursday at 5 PM.

Check out the playlist here:

Deadknot  “Losing My Dreams”
The Rose Garden  “Next Plane To London”
Happy Minor  “Foolish Games”
Dr. Curmudgeon  “My Demon Math Metal Tune Just Ate Your Artsy-Folksy Americana Song…Sorry”
Whitechapel District  “Revolution”
Mother Nang  “Painter”
Crazy Jane  “Alienation”
600 lbs of Sin  “Too Big To Fail”
Amon’s Horn  “Options”
Hurl Brickbat  “Brooke”
Jason Barnhouse The Wounded Project  “If I Were You”
The Amazing Delores  “Stop Messin’ With My Mind”

Throughout the rest of the programming day, you’ll hear special programs devoted to The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Macy Gray and more, as well as a classic Radio Coolsville and Johnny Compton on Six Degrees of Separation. Last week’s Radio Free Charleston International replays at 11 PM, followed by an all-night New Wave Music marathon with Sydney’s Big Electric Cat.