“I know he’s around here somewhere.”

We kick off this week with a digital painting based on a photo by my lovely wife, Mel Larch. I decided to turn this into a mash-up of The Ghostbusters and The Adventure Team GI Joe. It made sense. I was sort of dressed for it.

This photo, of course, was taken during ShockCon 5, which wrapped Sunday, and which may well have been the most fun ShockaCon yet. It was a blast reconnecting with old friends that I hadn’t been around for some time and checking out the cool panels, vendors and cosplayers. Friday I co-hosted a panel on Fifty Years of Star Trek Toys with Mark Wolfe, Lee Harrah and Tim Arnott, and Saturday played assistant to Mel as she conducted Walking Dead Trivia. The Ghostbusters were not only on hand, but were also out in full force. Thanks to the guys for letting me borrow their captive Marshmallow Man for the image above.

Since I was wearing an Adventure Team shirt and pith helmet, and had just bought a small stash of Adventure Team goodies from Tim Arnott and Third Floor Comics and Collectibles, I decided to try and paint the photo in the style of the classic GI Joe Adventure Team box art, and give it an Adventure Teamish title. Click to enlarge.