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Dubya Rocks Like U2

Click the screen above and you’ll be treated to our Fearless Leader, singing U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” spliced and diced into existence by RX at Looks like GWB may have a new career ahead of him. Heck, maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll quit his job and go on tour!

Only if he takes Dick Cheney with him as a backup dancer, though. If you want to make your own version of the Preznit crooning, go check out the George W Bush Public Domain Audio Archive for tons of clips that can be rejiggered and manipulated so that he’ll say anything you want. It’s the same thing that Mr. Bush does to the Constitution!

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  1. gazz editor

    That’s the first time a W performance has been captivating from start to finish. This thing starts out funny and clever. By the end it’s pretty haunting. A new technology op-ed.

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