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  1. Charleston Charlie

    So how about having The Gazz editor place a notice on The Gazette homepage when the “new” Gazz blogging software is past being in Beta?

    My browser locks up when visiting several blogs (DowntownWV, Gazzopolis, Gate Crashers) and the rest is just very slow loading and looks bad. I could stand the looking bad, (I’m used to seeing the chemical companies on the river), but locking up my browser is not acceptable. I, and others, will simply do what do when this happens at a website repeatedly – not return.

    So, c’mon guys, get it together! I know these things take some time but at least warn people upfront that veiwing this unstable version of The Gazz blogs could be problematic. And maybe find a couple of hormone-fueled, 15-year-old My Space geeks to help you out. Sure, there would be lots of flashing, bold colors and pages that would make Dali scream in horror – but maybe it wouldn’t lock up browsers.

    This is all said out of concern, The Gazz blogs have been a great addition to the culture in Charleston. The positive rep you’ve built could all slip away if what has been happening during this transition lasts much longer.

    Peace – Out

  2. Elvis Capone

    My browser (Firefox 2) doesn’t lock up here, but the new layout is very bad compared to the old, which wasn’t so hot either. Dunno if you’re using css or what, and I’m not gonna peek at the source right now, but there’s lots of elementary stuff with the site redesign being done improperly. has had the potential to be a moneymaker for Charleston Newspapers, and a breakout hit in terms of web presence (especially with RFC and one or two of the other video shows), but it appears too few resources have been put behind it to create a high profile and polish up the site.

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