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Monday Morning Art Color Sky


This week’s Monday Morning Art is a digitally assaulted photograph I took at an intersection somewhere on the West Side of Charleston.  I just went nuts on the sky, using the divisions made by the crossing power lines to hold different bright primary colors.   “Color Sky” is just an exercise in color composition.  Click the title to see the T shirts and knick-knacks.  


  1. Charleston Charlie

    Sorry Rudy, but this one just looks like a white box with a black edge. Was is a snowstorm?

    Probably not, just more problems with the “new, improved” blogging software. At least I can still get to Popcult without my browser locking up – which it does at many of the other Gazz blogs.

    Hasn’t this blogging thing been figured out by someone else? I mean, I see many other blogs up and running and they seem to be doing just fine. Do we need to organize a brigade of geeks to storm the Gazette and straighten this thing out? This really doesn’t require re-inventing the wheel but maybe someone should have been brought in who knows how wheels work.

    In my opinion it is the long-time exposure to pulp and ink at the Gazzette. Is someone there is trying to layout the new blogs in lead type?

    At least that might be faster and wouldn’t lock up my browser.

    Rudy, we are trying to hang in there and wait this out. I feel sorry for you and your fellow Gazz blog contributors who must be frustrated with the situation as well.

    It would seem if the Gazz blogs were really important to the paper they would have done more prep work to make sure the transition went smooth. Most certainly they should be totally focused on resolving the issues and offer readers some explanation.

    Perhaps they have explained, on a blog I can’t read because my browser locks-up.

  2. Elvis Capone

    Picture is back.

    Looks like a Warhol – if he had painted it last week.

    Ya ever wonder if he did Edie Sedgewick? I don’t think so. She was pretty skanky and Warhol was all “delicate” and weird anyway. Edie is dead too! What a youthquaker she was.

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