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Friday Night At The Sound Factory: My Take

Wow, when I sat down to write this post, I didn’t even know that my fellow Gazzblogger Bill Lynchwas also at the Sound Factory last Friday night (Bill, when you see me out, come up and say “Hi’–once I’m in a bar for more than five minutes the tobacco smoke has usually rendered my field of vision to about three feet–I can’t see anybody!).  I’d been trading emails with the guys from Seven Minutes to Midnightfor months, as I’ve been courting them to be my guests on Radio Free Charleston.  This was my first chance to see them live.  Doctor Senator(I love the name) was an unknown quantity.   I settled in near the stage and hung out with Justin, Roy, Thomas and Ed from Seven Minutes while Doctor Senator took the stage.

I was blown away.  Annie’s powerful vocals sounded like the result of a gene-splicing between Debbie Harry and Ann Wilson (That’s Annie to the left)  Her bandmates, Alan, James, and Traggle were firing away in a Husker Du-ish frenzy.   The band delivered a powerful mix of well-chosen covers and promising originals.  And at the end, I had to go pester them to be on RFC, too.  They were amazing. We will be hearing more from Doctor Senator in the future.  The guys from Seven Minutes To Midnight were worried about following them.

They didn’t have anything to worry about.  When they took the stage I was struck out how the recordings on their MySpace page did not do them justice.  These guys are four young virtuosos–tighter than most bands in town that have been together for decades.  They only did one cover tune, and their originals sounded like Dave Matthews Band with balls.   Maybe the next time I write about the band they’ll have some photos on their MySpace page that I can swipe.  I was blown away by the level of musicianship.  It was the beginning of an incredible weekend, and I felt like I’d seen the future of the Charleston music scene.  Look for both bands on Radio Free Charleston in the coming months.


  1. Bill Lynch

    Yeah, I tend to kind of lurk. You had the front table, I had the one in the back near a gaggle of college girls.
    I stand by my choice.

  2. Mel Larch

    “Dave Matthews with balls”. I don’t care, that makes me laugh every time. 😉

  3. Elvis Capone

    Debbie Harry and Ann Wilson? Which one is the guy? I bet Ann. She always wore outfuts that would have concealed the tell-tale bulge.

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