7142qoP0T+L._SX522_Forget Hershey’s, Godiva, Ghiardelli, Lindt and all the other pretenders to the throne, Albert’s Chocolate Ice Cubes are hands-down the most delicious chocolate ever concocted on this planet or any other.

The smooth, creamy chocolate melts at body temperature, and it is divine. I don’t know what they put in this stuff, but it must be the chocolatier’s equivelent to crack. Not only are these little squares of chocolate delicious, they’re also addictive. This is not organic chocolate. They work some kind of food-engineering voodoo mojo on these to make them so damned tasty, but it works and nobody’s grown any extraneous limbs or anything yet.

Albert’s Ice Cubes are about 65 calories each, so four of them will match the caloric intake of a single Snickers bar. If you order a bunch of these, eat them in moderation, or you might be asking for trouble. I’m mentioning the standard milk chocolate variety here, but there is also a much-harder to find dark-chocolate version, which I’m sure also tastes great, if you want to pretend that you’re eating healthy because it’s dark chocolate.

These are available all over the place, in convenience stores and drug stores, but if you go with mail order you can buy in bulk and save a lot of money.  In some stores these sell for fifty cents each, or more, but if you buy in bulk you can get the price down below 30 cents. The only risk is that, if the weather is unseasonably warm (like it is at the moment), you might wind up with a box of melted chocolates–delicious, melted chocolates.

Occasionally Fruth Pharmacy has these for a quarter apiece, but your best bet might be to hit up Amazon. Just don’t get suckered. Some Amazon sellers charge a price that comes out to more than a dollar per piece. Read the fine print before you buy.