51lGKDFkrjLI’ve suggested a few sets of Green Army Men-style figure sets in the Gift Guide, but I don’t want to pass over this cool bucket of astronauts. Space toys are a passion of mine, and this cool bucket holds sixty pieces of space toy coolness.

Included are Space Shuttles, Lunar Modules, Lunar Rovers, Rockets, Satellites, flags and over three dozen astronauts. This is a great way to get a kid interested in science and space exploration and the history of NASA.

It’s also a great way for kids who grew up during the glory days of our Space Program to relive the thrill of living in a time when science was respected and exploration of outer space made people into heroes.

Best of all, it’s not too pricy, at less than twenty bucks for the set from Amazon. The play value is tremendous. You can stage your own moon landing, or mix these figures with your Green Army Men for an interplanetary battle, or have them encounter plastic dinosaurs for a time-travel adventure. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.