Today is Stocking Stuffer Day in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide. All of today’s gift suggestions will be small, cheap and hopefully will fit in a stocking for your loved ones.

I will be pointing our suggesto-meter to websites where you can order these cool things so that you can stuff a safe and socially-distanced stocking. One of our entries will be for a website where everything is cheap.

Keep these ideas in mind, and be sure to order early so you have them in time for the holidays.

Our next compact and inexpensive suggestion for The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide is perfect for anyone who loves toy cars. Boom City Racers brings back the zip-cord powered thrill of Kenner’s old SSP cars in a smaller size, with cool fireworks-inspired packaging and a nod to the current blind-box craze.

The cars are slightly bigger than a Hot Wheels car, but the flywheel works perfectly, and the bodies fly about into three pieces on impact. It’s a lot of good clean destructive automotive fun.

Boom City Racers are the collectable cars that rip out of their fireworks rocket launcher and explode apart on impact! With a super-fast flywheel inside, they are designed for speed! Watch the cars parts fly when they collide into each other or hit something hard! Then, simply click the parts back into place and your car is ready to race again! There are 24 cars to collect and race across Season 1. Build up a team of the hottest machines, take on the challenge and rip, race, explode to own the road.

With easy reassembly, simply click the parts back into place and your car is ready to race again.

Each Boom City Racer car is powered by rip cord, the harder you rip, the bigger the smash.

These cars are made for speed with their super-fast fly wheel.

Rabid fans can collect all 24 explosive cars across Series One. Including the Limited Edition ‘Cop That’ car with lights and sounds. You don’t know which car you get, but they’re all cool, and at around six bucks a pop, they won’t break the bank.

There are also more elaborate sets, but we’re pushing the basic cars as stocking fodder. You can find these almost anywhere toys or sold, or order them from Amazon, Walmart or Target.