Today is Stocking Stuffer Day in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide. All of today’s gift suggestions will be small, cheap and hopefully will fit in a stocking for your loved ones.

I will be pointing our suggesto-meter to websites where you can order these cool things so that you can stuff a safe and socially-distanced stocking. One of our entries will be for a website where everything is cheap.

Keep these ideas in mind, and be sure to order early so you have them in time for the holidays.

Five Below

Our website recommendation for The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide Stocking Stuffer Day is for the true cheapskates among you. Five Below is a wonderful chain of stores that we do not yet have in the Charleston area. They are getting closer with a new store in Parkersburg, but instead of making the drive, you can now order online for the glorious cheapness that is Five Below.

Every item they sell is five dollars or less (except for a few things they call “Five Beyond” but those are still under ten bucks). You will find T Shirts, toys, books, make up, jewelry, decorations, candy, pillows, Snuggies, phone accessories, posters, workout equipment, and more. When I first wrote about Five Below in PopCult, for some reason, they sold a lot of poop emoji or just poop in general products, in the store. In fact, if you had a poop-obsessed person on your holiday shopping list, this was where you would find poop Nirvana. They had animated dancing, farting plush poop, poop emoji pillows that were puking rainbows, several sizes of fake poop, games you could play on the toilet, and poop emoji Christmas Tree ornaments. Since that time, they have tried to cut the crap out, but there’s still a little bit, around the edges, if you’re into that sort of thing.

For today, the important stuff is the items you can cram into a stocking, like art supplies, small journals, candy, small toys, blind-box items, make-up, jewelry, hand-sanitizer, facemasks, and tons of other stuff.

And it’s all cheap. You can find gag gifts and actual real useful gifts like lamps, bookends, stationary. Just go check out the website and see what all they have.