monday-thing-01The PopCulteer
July 14 , 2017

So this is going to be one of those PopCulteers with lots of short items crammed in without regard to any kind of sensible order.

Basically, there’s a lot of stuff to tell you about, but the power keeps flickering on and off, so I’m sort of speed-writing to get it done on time. Please pardon any omissions or spelling or grammatical errors. Rest assured, that if there are any, they were done purely in haste.

Coming Up In PopCult

In the coming weeks you will see the return of some of our regular features that have fallen by the wayside, plus you’ll see reviews of CDs, DVDs and more notes on other cool things. I’ve been slacking off a bit for the last few months due to health issues, but it’s time to quit making excuses, and start making more PopCult. Next week we’ll have posts about Charlton Comics, Tiki Magazine, GLOW, plus all kinds of other cool things. And you can expect video and art and endless plugging of The AIR, just like normal.

Tonight in Saint Albans

Main Street Masquerade is a fund-raiser for Arti-Gras, and you’ll get the chance to mingle, hear music and buy art from cool people like Mark Wolfe, Dave Frazier and William Scott Gambil. Check out the graphic below. All the Swanky kids are going!


Contraband Magazine

In case you missed it, yesterday I posted here about Charleston’s newest alternative media outlet, Contraband Magazine. Go back and read it, and subscribe already, ya mook.

Friday On The AIR

air-logo-b-0001The AIR, it’s our internet radio station that plays all kinds of cool programs. You can tune in and hear for yourself at the website, or on this neat little embedded player…

Either thousands of people are discovering it and tuning in, or somebody is going to great lengths to play an elaborate prank on us.  We have plenty of cool stuff all day long, plus new episodes of Radio Coolsville at 2 PM and a full hour of The Third Shift at 9 PM. I’m too lazy to describe it all. Here’s a handy graphic…


Stuff To Do Friday







Stuff To Do Saturday










As always, there’s more stuff to do than that in and around Charleston. This is just a quick and sloppy starting point. Go sniffing around. You’ll find even more cool things to get into.

That’s this week’s PopCulteer. Keep reading. We’ll still be here.