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Halloween Week Events: ArtMares Exhibit

Above you see my two entries in this year’s ArtMares Exhibit, part of HallowEast 2 and opening Wednesday night at Kanawha Players Plyhouse, 309 Beauregard Street, on Charleston’s historic East End.

On the left you see “Making Maria,” which was inspired by Fritz Lang’s silent classic science fiction movie, “Metropolis.”  On the right you see “Burlándose de los Huesos.” Both are digital paintings, printed on stretched canvas. Feel free to come and buy the heck out of them, and the other artist’s work, too. In fact, they may cut you discount if you buy everything!

This year’s ArtMares artist lineup is ghoulishly incredible. A full list of artists appears after the jump! At the reception on Thursday night, music will be provided by RFC 111 guest, Andy Park.

The following 30 artists will have their work on display during this unprecedented 3 day art show:

Jenifer Sheets                                  Jamie Powers

K.D. Lett                                            Ian Bode

Gary Stewart

Bob Rosier                                       Joe Bolyard

Rob Hrezo                                       Chris Dutch

Glen Brogan                                    Kelly Bryant

Melanie Larch                               Staci Leech

Chuck Hamsher                            Clayton Spangler

Scott McMillan                             Josh Martin

Jeff Pierson                                    Charly Jupiter Hamilton

Vasilia Scouras                             Rob Cleland

Amanda Jane Miller                   Devon Woodrum

Chase Henderson                         Jamie Miller

Rebecca Burch                              Rudy Panucci

Mark Wolfe                                     Amy Williams

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  1. Elvis Capone

    Is that an ironic use of King Tut based on the 1980s use of the image to promote the Amiga’s graphics power?

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