Audience Exodus 002

This week we’re kicking off with art that I created for last week’s PopCulteer. I slapped together a few pre-existing elements, some from clip-art I’d licensed, and to illustrate my screed about our lack of audience here in West Virginia. A few hours after I posted that piece, I grew a bit proud of my humble little artwork and posted it on Facebook.

Over seventy people liked it. So I decided to not only make it this week’s Monday Morning Art, but to also revive a tradition that I’d abandoned over six years ago. If you would like to purchase this image on stickers, posters, t-shirts or a variety of other overpriced products, you can find that sort of thing at The Monday Morning Art Store, updated for the first time since 2008! So go nuts, folks, and click the image to see it bigger. Come back to PopCult later Monday for a special new episode of Radio Free Charleston.