NAR log 002RFCv3#23

Just like last week, Radio Free Charleston on New Appalachian Radio will transport you back more than 25 years to our four-hour local extravaganza. It was early in January, 1990, right after RFC had been the subject of a profile in the Charleston Gazette written by Michael Lipton that I decided to devote all four hours of the show that was then broadcast on 96.1 FM, to local artists.

In light of events of last week, part two of our re-presentation of the four-hour local extravaganza from Radio Free Charleston’s January 7, 1990 broadcast show has taken on a bit of a bittersweet tone. You will hear two songs by The Swivels, featuring my friend, the late Tommy Medvick on drums. You may hear these tunes again next week, when we will devote the entire two-hour show to the music of Tommy Spear, and pay tribute to his memory.

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In last week’s show you heard blocks of music from Brian Diller and The Ride, Three Bodies, Zone 3, The Bounty and more, plus we had a mini-history of Go Van Gogh as of 1990. This week brings you music from World Without Fear, Blue Million, Delta Hum The Swivels and more, plus we play side one of the first Stark Raven album.

Setting the scene, the last song we played last week was Larry Groce doing a cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry.” We’re going to pick up where we left off with Larry doing a Warren Zevon tune.

Larry Groce, back in his Zygote days

Larry Groce, back in his Zygote days


Larry Groce “Accidentally Like A Martyr”
Blue Million “Everything Inside Out”
Blue Million “I’ll Keep You Warm”
David Lanham Band “Rock With You”
David Lanham Band “Small Town Blues”

World Without Fear “Nothing”
World Without Fear “Please Don’t Love Me”
Delta Hum “Three Ring Binder”

Mad Scientist Club “Live Song”
Mad Scientist Club “Thunder and Lightning”
Mad Scientist Club “Doctor Owsley”
Still Portrait/Mark Scarpelli “Music that I don’t remember the titles to”

It is at this point that I should point out that, before rediscovering the tape of this show, I was under the impression that I first met Mark Scarpelli in 2008. You can imagine my surprise when I heard myself introducing his music on a recording from 1990.

It's one of those guys named Mark Scarpelli that I know

It’s one of those guys named Mark Scarpelli that I know

I was flabbergasted. I should explain here that I am notoriously horrible at remembering names. As soon as I listened to this recording, details started coming back to me. I even remember asking if he was related to Henry Scarpelli, a longtime artist for Archie and DC Comics. In the ensuing years, I had completely forgotten Mark’s name, and relegated much of my RFC radio memories to the musty, cobweb-covered brain cells in the back of my head while I devoted my thoughts to taking care of my ailing parents. So when I got to know Mark again when Melanie was performing in CYAC’s “Jack The Ripper,” he was a whole new person to me.

I need to ask him if he ever noticed my obliviousness. It’s pretty mortifying to me, even moreso since this is not the first time something like this has happened. I really need to talk to Mark about this. At least it’ll give me an excuse to pick up some new music from him.

Back to the playlist…

Stark Raven “Riding On A Wave”
“I Know You”
“Be With Me”
“Feel Only Love”
“He Loves To Limbo”

The Swivels “No Vaccination”
The Swivels “Mobile Man”
Tim Truman “Ten Dollar Dog”
Tim Truman “House Come Falling Down”

At this point we run into some unidentified songs that I didn’t announce then and don’t recognize now. This should be embarrassing to me, but I think I’m all embarrassed out this week.

Diamonds and Gold “No More Loving You”
Area 38 “Endgame”

The Amazing Delores “Rats In My Ceiling”
The Pudgy Young Upstarts “Uncontrollable Urge”