I try not to get too political here in PopCult. It’s my feeling that people come to this blog to get away from all of that messy garbage and just escape. However, sometimes things go too far, and I feel the need to comment. It is my belief that the current regime in Washington is pursuing a dangerous agenda and has allied itself with the most unAmerican and unpatriotic groups imaginable. I never thought I would see a president stoop so low as to use false equivalency to pander to Nazis and the KKK, to defend them for murdering Americans on our soil.

American soldiers fought and died in two wars to defeat white supremecists and Nazis. Now we have a president who cowtows to them because he only cares that they vote for him. My digital painting today is an expression of what I feel every true patriot should do: Resist. Oppose Trump and his hateful ilk at every turn. Stop him from dragging this country back to the days of the plantation.

I can’t do much. I can make a painting, and I can call out Trump’s naked racism for what it is. If any of my readers are offended by this, I won’t miss you. Note: This painting was passionately dashed off very quickly in anger.  Click the image to see a bigger version.