radio-coolsville-eclipseMonday we have special really cool programming to celebrate the solar eclipse on The AIR. Check it out at the website, or on this really cool embedded thingy here…

I hope you wore your special glasses to look at the embedded radio player.

Today, from 7 AM to Midnight, we have a special marathon of Radio Coolsville. DJ Betty Rock, broadcasting from the studios of WMUL, brings us the best of new and classic alternative music, and neat stuff in general. Normally you can hear Betty Friday at 2 PM, right before Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. You can also hear her as the host of Marking Out, our new professional wrestling talk show.

Interrupting the Radio Coolsville marathon twice Monday will be Michele Zirkle with the Life Speaks Eclipse Special. Michele will talk once again with the Psychic Hairdresser from Columbus, Amanda Walter. In this special they discuss the spiritual and astrological ramifications of the Solar Eclipse. In fact, this show airs for the first time at 1 PM, and will be broadcast during the time that the eclipse is over Charleston.

Following the Life Speaks Eclipse Special there will be twenty minutes or so of eclipse-friendly music from Bonnie Tyler, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Alan Parsons Project and Klaus Nomi. This hour of penumbra-ing will be repeated at 5 PM.

Radio Coolsville will resume between and after the Life Speaks special. At Midnight, our regular overnight block of Mel Larch’s Curtain Call takes over until Tuesday morning.