Let’s kick off FestivAll Week with a self portrait by yours truly!  Not that I’m deserving of special treatment or anything, but the fates have conspired to pry me loose from my computer at a time when I really, really need to be hard at work.  That whole idea about making Radio Free Charleston weekly in June? It’s out the window.  Episode 23, the Feast Of Stephen reunion, will be delayed at least one week while I tend to a family illness.  That same family illness has kept me from coming up with anything in the way of Monday Morning Art this week, so I’m sticking up this digitally-assaulted frame grab of my ugly mug from episode 22 of RFC.   Click on it to enlarge the pic, if you have a masochistic streak.  Links for the Monday Morning Art store will be posted here in the event that I get the time to update that site in the next day.  I’d go into more detail, but I gotta get going.