This week’s art is an expressionistic view of Broadway, in Manhattan, inspired by a trip to The Big Apple we took in the Autum of 2018. We had a killer hotel room, right in the heart of Times Square, and the views were spectacular. This acrylic on Paper for Pens piece is based on fuzzy memories of what it was like to look down at the street from 23 floors up, to see a fleet of taxis standing out with their bright yellow against the gray pavement. I put in some advertising signs and the sign for the M&M store for added color.

And because I was craving M&Ms.

This piece was then was photographed with my phone and a ring light because I didn’t want to smudge the paint in my scanner. There was some cropping and color-correction done once I got it into the computer.

If you want to see this painting larger, just click on it.

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