That’s the beast of Capitol Street….the world’s loudest air conditioning unit, as heard in the background of the host segments of episode four of Radio Free Charleston. It’s the source of the oppressive hum that permeates Davis Square all summer long. I had no choice but to immortalize the monster, and then digitally-assault the photograph. As always, click to enlarge.

Starting this week, I’m experimenting with something new. Since I’ve been doing the Monday Morning Art thing for a while now, I decided to see if anybody would want to buy any of this stuff. So I’ve opened a few shops over at CafePress. Each week, in the Monday Morning Art store, you will be able to purchase T-shirts, prints, and other cheesy merchandise featuring that week’s Monday Morning Art. The products will only be available for one week, and then they’ll be replaced by the next week’s art. I’ve also opened a PopCult Shop, featuring some of the previous pieces of artwork that I’ve posted here over the last year. If you have more money than taste, rush on over and buy my stuff.