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Cool Toy Of The Week: Captain Action

In observance of our anniversary week here at PopCult, our pick for Cool Toy Of The Week is one of my favorites from my childhood. In fact, I wrote about Captain Action and his nemesis, Dr. Evil, last year right here and here. The reason I’m picking Captain Action again is because Robby Reed, over at Dial “B” For Blog, is in the midst of a six-part series of articles on the good Captain, and I can just link to it, and let him do all the work. Read the first installment here, the second here, and then check back to his blog every day for the next four parts!

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  1. Anonymous

    Ha ha, I heard about the show with Raymond music and I came to see that, but Captian Action was one of my favorite toys way back in the good old days. So I had to comment. As a kid I did not read so well, and I thought for a long time his name was “Captian Act Ion” ha ha. Mine came with a free parachute and one day the wind was too strong and it got stuck on the garage roof in his Batman suit. Dad cussed up a storm on the ladder.

    Radio Free and the other gazz shows are great – keep it up

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