This is one of the early digitally-assaulted photographs that I ran back in the early days of PopCult, but it’s never had a chance to shine in the era of the famed PopCult Cafepress Store, where each week readers of this blog get the chance to pass on buying T shirts and other overpriced trinkets with the Monday Morning Art image emblazoned across them.

Back in February, I ran a re-assaulted version of this same image. Sure, some could say that I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and reusing old material, but the truth is that I really think the Union Building looks cool standing there at the end of Capitol Street like a stone Holden Caulfield, determined not to let any of the cars go careening into the river.  It’d be a more apt literary analogy if the traffic on Capitol Street actually went towards the building, instead of being one-way away from it, but I’m sticking with it. Plus, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and reusing old material.

As always, click the photo for a larger view.  And go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. Both are now approaching one full year without a single customer!