Vampire Space Whores, that is.  Eamon Hardman, whose epic film from Razor Sharp Productions, “Vampire Whores From Outer Space”, just narrowly missed being nominated for an OSCAR last year (damned big-studio political maneuvering!) is working on a sequel.  An open casting call for “Return Of The Vampire Whores From Outer Space” will be held 6 PM Wednesday at the Blue Parrot.  Serious actresses will be welcome, as will, any chick willing to indulge in gratuitous nudity.  According to Eamon, “They actually get dialogue in this one……and some of them have names.” I’m pretty sure Jennifer Garner got her start this way.

You could land a role in this sure-to-be-classic motion picture if you:

1. Are from the Charleston (WV) area
2. Are at least 18 years of age
3. Enjoy the taste of fake blood
4. Don’t mind the taste of real blood
5. Shop at Hot Topic fairly often

If that sounds like your cup of blood, then get to the Blue Parrot Wednesday or contact Eamon through his MySpace page for more details.