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Monday Morning Edible Art

This week’s art is not a digitally-assaulted photograph, or a painting, or a sketch. It’s a cake. To be exact, it’s a two-layer sheet cake, with one orange layer and one lemon layer, chocolate icing on the sides, cherry icing in between, and vanilla on top, and a swirlly-tasty design! I made my own birthday cake, about 360 days ago. It looked interesting, but it tasted fantastic! I’ll be doing something less ambitious this weekend.

click to enlarge, right-click to taste (if your computer is equipped with the special tasting hardware)


  1. Anonymous

    Look, I want to be a good guy and all, but I am SO DAMN SICK of people writing about cakes on their blogs all the damn time. What IS it with you blog people? Why are YOUR cakes special?

    I want that cake post removed immediately. I WILL complain to the management.

    My home page:

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t listen to him! Cakes RULE! Especially when they’re made in the shape of dangly bits.

  3. Anonymous

    I can’t handle the math, is your birthday Saturday or Sunday?

  4. Mr. Satan


    -the debbil

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