MST3K trading cards

Today’s other BIG TICKET DAY pick for The 20818 PopCult Gift Guide is the first trading card set devoted the beloved cult TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. The second series is due to be out before Christmas, but you can still get your hands on the very first series by ordering a whole box from the manufacutrer, RRParks Cards. This is the perfect gift for fans of MST3K, and you’d better act fast because they are close to selling out. Here’s what the website says:

Took 30 years for this to happen… but it finally EXISTS! Mystery Science Theater 3000 Trading Cards Series One. 36 10-card packs come housed in a full color pop-up display style box. Each box is guaranteed a complete 104-card ‘Invention Exchange’ set, 50-card ‘Experiment’ set covering the first 3 years of the classic TV show, 29-card DVD Menu Art subset, 18-card Anaglyph 3D subset (with a free pair of 3D glasses in the box top) and a 36-card ‘Riff It’ Retro Stalgic subset. Look for special chase and hit cards (guaranteed TWO in each box) which can include a genuine original art sketch card, show-used costume prop card (2 different to chase!), genuine printing plate card, Limited Edition Byron Winton art card, Faux Film Cell card and more. Each box also comes with a limited edition full metal box topper. 36 packs, 360 total cards — and the retail box is produced 24pt full color inside and out with a bonus 33 mini clip-out cards. [postpaid in the US, international orders please message me for a special invoice to include shipping to your country] …THIS CARD BOX IS AVAILABLE NOW (but don’t wait too long… it is getting closer to being sold out!

Series one MSK3K Trading cards will run you eighty-five bucks for a box (including shipping in the US), but each box is guaranteed to include a complete set of base sets, along with lots of other goodies. Visit the RRParks Cards website to order, and scroll down to the second card set on the page. You may want to poke around the page to consider other trading cards sets, like The Three Stooges, Sharknado, and all sorts of less expensive monster and horror and Halloween related sets.