a1551924154_16We have today the debut EP from The Heavy Editors, a group that includes Joe Vallina, who made memorable music in the legendary Charleston band, The Feast of Stephen, as well as Wiley Sonic and others as well as on some incredible solo albums. Joe is joined here by Wally Bird and John Rapoza, and they sound like way more than than a simple power trio.

The Heavy Editors make pure post-punk power pop, exquisitely-crafted and impeccably-played. The five songs here are perfect creations of a type of genuine music that we don’t get to hear very often today. This is not manufactured hit-factory pap, but real rock and roll, with intelligent lyrics and sharp arrangements, played by musicians with real chops.

The five songs on this EP address relationships, our changing times, the dreams of a musician and impending maturity. The tempos vary from near-ballads to solid rockers, with hints of psychedlia and punk around the edges.

Standout Tracks are “I’m Buying At Stratocaster” and “Heavy,” but all five songs are terrific.

This is a great start from a new band, and it really stands head and shoulders above the music you hear on commercial radio these days. Here’s hoping we get to see these guys play in or around Charleston soon. You will hear them on The AIR when our new fall season kicks off on September 18.

You can download The Heavy Editors EP from Bandcamp, and follow the band on Facebook.

Or you can just listen to it right here…