Just in case you’re looking for just one last way to celebrate Halloween, tonight at 10 PM, The Quicksilver Radio Theater is presenting a one-hour adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Modern Prometheus. You can listen to this award-winning audio play by tuning in to WHAV.Net, the streaming superstation.

The play runs at 10 PM, and then has an encore presentation at 1 AM, for the benefit of you late-night partygoers. This retelling of the Frankenstein story has been very well-received, with rave reviews from Leonard Maltin and Don Glut (author of “The Frankenstein Legend”), among others. The show is produced and adapted by Craig Wichman, one of my buddies from the Captain Action Mailing list, which I wrote about here. Quicksilver Radio Theater is in the midst of their tenth year of presenting quality audio productions in New York, on Radio, and on the web.

If you’ve got kids, you might be able to start a new Halloween tradition by having them listen to some great old-time radio drama right before they go to bed.