The PopCult Toybox

toyfairIt’s a very exciting time around here as your PopCulteer and his lovely wife head North to The Big Apple for our first visit to The International Toy Fair in New York City. Toy Fair actually opened today, but we won’t hit the show until Monday. All of the blockbuster announcements about toys based on big movies and special events have been spilled in advance, but the PopCult crew will be there to peer behind the veil and bring you news, details and other cool inside information that other reporters might overlook.

I will start posting Toy Fair coverage next Thursday, but we’ll be mining this trip for weeks, and maybe even months. Our goal is to make contact with as many toy companies as possible to bring you all the news about cool pop culture toys that we can ferret out.

Toy-Fair-2015-120Today’s Toybox is just to warn you–there’s a storm of cool stuff coming. In the meantime, keep checking PopCult for all of our regular features, which have been carefully prepared in advance for your reading pleasure. You don’t even have to take them out of the fridge and pop them into the microwave. They’ll magically appear right here in this blog, every day while we’re gone.

Monday you’ll get the fiftieth episode of The RFC MINI SHOW with a special look back at The Empty Glass circa 1990. On Tuesday the streaming Radio Free Charleston audiocast at New Appalachian Radio presents the “First Step” local music compilation from that same year, with music from Big Money, Brian Diller and The Ride and more local legends. Our Sunday Evening Videos and Monday Morning Art will also be in place. So stick with PopCult. It’ll make you glorp.