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More than sixteen years after office politics killed Radio Free Charleston, my greatest creation has returned! You can go to this page, click on the little TV, and see the new video webcast of RFC.

Yes, it’s a video show, but we’re calling it “Radio Free Charleston.” I wanted to keep the name, even though technology has caught up to my original vision. RFC will bring you the best music, experimental film and video, and comedy from the Charleston area’s most daring performers and artists. It’ll all be wrapped up in a tight little ten-or-fifteen minute package. I’ll be hosting RFC from various locations around town.

The pilot episode features the alterna-bombastic rock of Whistlepunk and the comedy stylings of the No Pants Players. Coincidentally, I got to enjoy live performances by both last weekend. You can read up on Whistlepunk here, here, and here. I’ve written about the No Pants Players here and here. It was a kick having these two groups of talented folks on the first webcast of RFC. The No Pants Players will be bringing their improv comedy to future episodes on a regular basis, and Whistlepunk will return on future shows as well.

We’re already hard at work on more episodes of RFC, and have an exciting slate of musicians, comedy bits and short filmic fits of weirdness lined up. We’re also working on an amazing scoop for our second episode, which will be ready by the end of the month. So go check out the show, and let us know what you think. And check back here in PopCult for more tales and music from the archives of the original Radio Free Charleston. Later this week, we’ll bring you some vintage Go Van Gogh from 1989.

So go check it out, and feel free to use the comments to let me know what you think.


  1. oncee

    Go Van Gogh, that’ brings back some memories.

  2. Anonymous

    I stumbled over this page while web-hopping randomly.

    This is a pretty solid blog-cast, except for the unfortunate “comedy” bit. Maybe it would be okay if it was shorter. Video looks snappy, presentation is overall much higher than one would expect from such a production. Has a bit of the old NIGHT FLIGHT feel. That was a show from 20 years ago on the USA network. I thought West Virginians lived up hollers in mud huts boning their three-eyed cousins all day, but it appears from the video that you actually have some form of humble infrastructure goin’ on there. I liked the show. Will there be more?

  3. The Merry Frankster

    The “comedy” piece was actually painful – and enough about whistlepunk.

    Is this town so starved we’re going to get all excited about a group of desperate attention seekers such as the No Pants Players and a glorified garage band like whistlepunk.

    Pitiful – a waste of bandwidth.

  4. Matt Salazar


    Yet you feel compelled to leave a comment.

    What’s with all the negative comments on PopCult this week? Somebody be drinking the Hatorade?

    The show rocked. Don’t mind the naysayers. This is the kind of stuff this town needs to drown out the nihilists. Keep em coming!

  5. Mary Jane Rottencrotch

    Sorry, but the so-called comedy is really bad. It’s a disappointment actually, I had seen flyers for NPT but hadn’t seen them in action.

    Thanks to Radio Free Charleston – your video saved me a bad evening out watching these folks.

    As for the band – who really cares – let the guys relive their young days! Enjoy them if you do – don’t listen and don’t go see them if it isn’t your cup of tea. Personally, I think the music is bad – but it is just not my taste.

    I, for one, am glad to see some dissension in the ranks. Keep it coming!

  6. Rudy Panucci

    Hey guys, dissension is fine, but don’t judge the No Pants Players based on their segment in the pilot. They came in at the last minute and helped me out in a crunch. Their live shows are extremely entertaining, and if you like improv comedy, you need to see these guys. On future shows the comedy bits will be shorter and we’ll be better prepared. We learned with the pilot that comedy that works wonderfully well live doesn’t necessarily translate to internet webcasts with no live audience. These guys are hysterical, and you’ll see how funny and talented they are in future episodes of RFC. Don’t give up on them because of their performance on the pilot. Blame me for rushing into the show without preparing. The No Pants Players are well worth checking out live.

    I had a self-imposed deadline for this first episode of RFC. I hadn’t produced anything like this for years, and wanted to prove to myself that I could actually pull it off. I’m proud of the first show, but it’s only about 60% of what I want the show to be. We’re already hard at work on the next shows, and I think you’ll be surprised at how much this show will improve as we get a groove going.

    If you know of any local bands or comedians that you think should be on the show, let us know. Post in the comments, or email me at

  7. NOT afraid to sign Brian Young

    Its not what they say, it’s the fact that they are talking about you. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.
    Please continue to watch as RFC evolves to encompass a broader range of tastes.
    Let Rudy know if there is some music or comedy or even stupid human tricks you’d like to see on the show.

  8. InKwiring Minds

    THE Brian Young?

    Aren’t you famous?

  9. Janice

    Ooh, I remember when Brian Young was sick in the hospital and couldn’t play music… back in 1990. Good to see you still in business, Brian.

    Thanks for bringing back RFC, Rudy, it looks great, from 500 miles away.

  10. akaDiggo

    I’ll say that Rudy is very democratic about the material he puts /put on his new / old RFC show. Therefore, you are bound to find bands,sounds and people that you dont care for. But they are folks just trying to do thier thing.. its not like any of us are well paid or that well liked for our creative endevours.
    As for the Vandalia Lounge.. It is a good place to have a good brew or drink. It is not smoky,stinky or loud .. the chairs and couchs are comfortable, and the staff and service are excellent..
    As for whistlepunk… Being a member I’d like to say that the video on RFC is us as we actually sound. It is recorded live in one take.. no dubs of any type and very little effect. It was done on a wednesday evening at about 10:30pm after all 3 of us worked all day, came home and cared for our families and THEN recorded the song/video.. It is not our best work, but for our first attempt , I myself am not ashamed of it. You dont have to like it.. but it is original music produced right here in “boring” Charleston..
    Thank You for the “glorifed garage band” comment.. We were just flying so darn high.. thanks for setting us straight.
    As for myself, I am not trying to re-live anything.. I still like playing music..
    It is still an important outlet. I have been playing bass since I was 12 yrs old. no.. im still not that good but it takes a few cohonies to put yourself out there. If you caught our latest show at Vandalia, that is a hard room to play.. only stage volume.. no mic on the drums, bass or guitar.. tough conditions, so if you were unsure about us, please come see us again sometime on a real sound system in a better room acoustically.

  11. not afraid to sign timothy nicholas

    yup.what the real brian young said.things never change.nothin` ever happened and if it did where wood you put it?

  12. Malaclypse the Even Younger

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  13. Anonymous



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    Amen bdbd

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