“What’s Wrong With The World”

Back in the very early ’90s, when I had my radio show, Radio Free Charleston, I came up for an idea for a spin-off public affairs show. The idea was that, since so many of the RFC/Charleston Playhouse crowd would wind up at the Southern Kitchen at 3 in the morning complaining about everything, we should record it, edit out the profanity and air it as a panel discussion show called “What’s Wrong With The World.” At the very least, it would help the station meet the public affairs content requirements of the FCC.

Looking back, a pubic affairs program that presented the viewpoints of young, slightly addled people in various stages of exhaustion and/or inebriation might sound like a train wreck, but I have a feeling that, had I managed to pull it off, it’s the kind of show people would still be talking about today.

They’d be talking about how insane and unintentionally funny it was, but it would have left a mark, or stain, or something.