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Random Thoughts To End October

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October 28
, 2016

We are nearly at the end of October in a year that has not only flown by, but has also seemingly run over a record number of celebrities in the process. This morning comes word that beloved horror movie host, Zacherly (John Zacherle) has passed away at the age of  98. Losing Zacherly and Jack Chick in the same week is a bit sad for folks who were scared witless by them both growing up.

We have a few random notes for the weekend. You will not find any coverage of HallowEast among them. There are plenty of other outlets covering Charleston’s annual Halloween outing, and they can cover it far more enthusiastically than I can. That does not mean that your PopCulteer is not in the Halloween Spirit, though.

Halloween Events on The AIR

We have Halloween programming all weekend long on The AIR, which you can hear at the website, or on this scary little treat of an embedded player…
h art 01

Friday we have an all-new Laugh Appalachia at 9 AM and 9 PM, a three-hour Halloween-themed edition of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat at 3 PM and the debut of a new show, The Third Shift, covering Sports, Beer, Babes and Gadgets, starring Jarod and Jay at 9:30 PM. At Midnight you can hear part five of The Stand, by Stephen KIng.

Big Electric Cat, hosted by legendary London Deejay, Sydney Fileen, was bursting with so much New Wave Halloween goodness that Ms. Fileen surprised us with a bonus hour. The playlist will be posted at the end of this PopCulteer.

Saturday sees our Halloween programming replayed all day so you get a second chance to catch up with the Halloween episodes of Radio Free Charleston International, Curtain Call, Sydney’s Big Electric Cat and Word Association with Lee & Rudy. Part six of The Stand will run Saturday at Midnight.

Sunday, starting at 9 AM, you can spend all day listening to a special replay of Stephen King’s The Stand, book one. All six parts will run until after midnight. Monday will be filled with Halloween treats all day long as well.

biz5078536542_nBizarre TV Reborn

Your PopCulteer’s favorite Roku channel, Bizarre TV, is returning as a free channel Friday at 7 PM. This terrific channel has undergone a few mutations in the 19 months since I first wrote about it. The channel split into a few different entities and went private for a small fee, but now it’s returning to its roots as a free Roku Channel. You can add it to your line-up HERE.

I case you’ve forgotten, Roku is a little box that connects to your television and also connects to the internet via wi-fi. Using your Roku, you can watch Netflix, YouTube, WWE Network, and tons of other streaming services right on your television set. In addition to those features, Roku has a leg up on its competitors (there are several like Chromecast and Apple TV) because Roku offers thousands of exclusive public and private streaming channels.

Bizarre TV is, once again, a totally free streaming channel. Bizarre TV offers a healthy assortment of spectacularly schlocky B-movie drive-in and exploitation flicks from decades past–all of them uncensored and some with wonderfully weatherbeaten prints. In between those movies, you will find really cool short films, music videos, animation, and even public domain commercials. You will find an amazing collection of horror movie hosts, in the spirit of the late Zacherly, that bring you classics of the genre in a fresh setting.

You can add Bizarre TV to your Roku HERE, and check out their Facebook Page HERE. We’re glad to see Mistress Rhonda back in the free Roku channel game.


The PopCult Toybox

Due out November 1, and all over the internet already, is the LEGO Yellow Submarine Set. Still, I wanted to bring you photos so you can put back your pennies.




Sydney’s Big Electric Cat

H WEEN CATHere’s the playlist for the Halloween shows, which debut today at 3 PM on The AIR.

Hour One:

Oingo Boingo  “Dead Man’s Party”
Split Enz  “Dirty Creatures”
Dave Edmunds  “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”
Roky Erickson & The Aliens  “The Creature with The Atom Brain”
The Creatures  “Mad Eyed Schemer”
Ian North  “Interview with a Vampire”
The Ramones  “Pet Cemetary”
The Dickies  “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”
Kate Bush  “Hammer Horror”
The Comateens  “The Munsters Theme”
RHPS  “The Time Warp”
The Misfits  “Halloween II”
Depeche Mode  “Dressed In Black”
The Nuns  “I, Monster”
Midge Ure  “Monster”
Fred Schneider  “Monster”

Hour Two:

Bauhaus  “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”
Tim Curry  “Anything Can Happen On Halloween”
Dead Kennedys  “Halloween”
The Dream Syndicate   “Halloween”
Souisxie and the Banshees   “Halloween”
Distant Drums   “Halloween”
DEVO  “Swelling Itching Brain”
Split Enz  “Ghost Girl”
The Specials  “Ghost Town”
The B-52s  “Devil In My Car”
The Stranglers  “Strange Little Girl”
Bad Manners  “Monster Mash”

Hour Three

The Stranglers  “Waltzinblack”
The Distractions  “Looking For A Ghost”
The Dickies  “Monster Island”
Ministry  “Every Day Is Halloween”
Hazel O’Connor  “Monster In Disguise”
Oingo Boingo  “No Spill Blood”
DEVO  “Jocko Homo”
Depeche Mode  “Dead of Night”
Rockwell  “Somebody’s Watching Me”
Klaus Nomi  “Nomi Chant”
Tito and the Tarantulas  “Monsters”
Gogo13  “Monster”
The Aquabats  “I Love The Monster”
The Misfits  “Night of the Living Dead”
Oingo Boingo  “Monster Mash”

That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. Check back for all our regular features and have a safe Halloween weekend.

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