RFC 20: "Carmen Shirt" from RFC Archives on Myspace.

whistlepunk01This week we go back to May, 2007, for an episode of Radio Free Charleston that has not appeared in this blog for more than eight years. “Carmen Shirt” featured music by Whistlepunk 2.0 and Josh Buskirk, as well as animation and other cool stuff.

The highlight of this show was the performance of “Satellite” by Whistlepunk 2.0, a band that included Spencer Elliott, Karen Allen from Crazy Jane, as well as current members of Superfetch and Speedsuit. Host segments were shot by your host using a tripod in his “White Room.”

This is one of the episodes of RFC that has not yet been restored or remastered, so don’t be shocked if the video is a little wonky, comiing from the Myspace servers, as it do. At some point, the Pentagram Flowerbox cartoon that ran in this show will be restored, but for now it includes a clip of “The Mascot” instead. Original production notes can be found HERE.