This is just a quickie to wrap up Rant Week here at PopCult. And it’s really not a full-tilt rant. It’s more of a rhetorical question.

It’s a fact that many of the people who fully support Charleston’s user fee also fully support the idea of a Metro Government, where Charleston would merge with the surrounding towns, and perhaps even the County government to form one big Metrosexual community, or something. Do these people realize what a strong impediment the user fee will be to convincing other cities to join up with Charleston? Not only will non-Charleston residents balk at the idea of raising their own out-of-pocket expenses, they’ll also enjoy the chance to stick it to city for the user fee if they work in Charleston and have to pay the fee already.

The question is: Are the short-term gains from the user fee more important than the long-term gains from a Metro government?

OK, PopCult now reverts back to talking about animation, comic books, toys and movies, and will leave all this ranty stuff to the adults. My spleen is plenty vented now.