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RFC 17: The Story Behind The Show

Time again for the untold story behind the production of the latest Radio Free Charleston.  This episode is titled “Kung Fu Grip Shirt,” named, as always, after the shirt I’m wearing.  Kung Fu Grip is the famous GI Joe action figure innovation from the 1970s, and you can find this shirt at Hot Topic.  Kung Fu Grip will return on the modern GI Joes this summer.

Our first musical guest is John Radcliff, who is in the midst of the first RFC trifecta.   Originally he was going to have two songs on episode 16 of RFC.  The last-minute arrival of Al Carey’s “Tears Fallin'” bumped Rad’s second song to this show. “Something’s Gotta Give” was another of the bounty of cool songs that Rad recorded for us a few weeks ago, and even though we had to bleep one word, I wanted to use it on the show.  The uncensored version of the song will go up on YouTube in a week or so. 

Radcliff is also hosting our next RFC taping, as we take a road trip to Parkersburg for a departure from our regular format.   We’ll be presenting some of the Parkersburg area’s finest singer-songwriters, and the songs will be used on RFC and posted at the SongPull website. 

Under The Radar returns to Radio Free Charleston with this installment.  After their appearance on episode 4 of RFC, we lost the audio for the other songs that we recorded that day.  I haven’t commented publicly on the great hard drive tragedy until now, but it was truly a soul-crushing experience.   We were lucky enough to have Rusty, Bill and Mark come back into LiveMix Studio, and they re-recorded the songs that were lost, along with a couple of other songs, too.  Under The Radar will perform as part of the Woody Hawley Concert Series at the Walker Theater at the Clay Center on April 7.  We’ll have more details and a song of the week right here in PopCult as that show approaches.

 It’s not just music in the new RFC!  We also have our resident diva, Melanie Larch (who sings our jingle and performed “Ave Maria” so wonderfully in our Christmas Episode).  Mel winds up handcuffed to IWA East Coast Mega Star, Crowza, in a clip from the IWA EC “A Need To Bleed” DVD.  You can order the full DVD here, and see if Mel winds up powerbombing anybody. 

In the new devil cartoon you can see what Timmy is doing, besides drugs, when he’s hanging out in Satan’s camper.

 We shot the host segments in downtown Charleston, while waiting for the Planetarium Show at the Avampato Museum at the Clay Center.  You can read more about my first experience at the Electric Sky Theater later this week in PopCult.  During the shoot, outside the Charleston Post Office, for the first time we were accosted by vagrants.  We’ve finally hit the big time! 

 It would have been funny, except that they kept wandering into the shots, waving in the background.  Still, we cranked out the host segments and made it back in plenty of time to catch “Mars” at the planetarium. 

Music, animation, wrestling, and wandering around town–That’s all in the new Radio Free Charleston. Go watch it, already.


  1. Elvis Capone

    What is the censored word in the song? It was “pee” I bet. I bet the censored word was “pee”. Go ahead you can tell me

  2. John Radcliff

    You’re close Elvis. It’s actually a bodily function, just out of the other hole.

  3. Elvis Capone

    >>You’re close Elvis. It’s actually a bodily function, just out of the other hole.

    They bleeped queef? What the mother fudge bar? They can even say that word on DORA THE EXPLORER. “Hola, Dora, stop your darn queefing”.

  4. Longtime Listener

    Great show. Strange comments. Can’t wait for the Parkersburg special. I’ve been loving Radcliff’s music. Any chance of you reigning in any of the other former Swivels to appear on RFC? Under The Radar kicks appropriate amounts of butt, too.

    That wrestling thing…was that planned?

    Keep it up. Why this show is not on the front page of the Gazz every time you have a new one is beyond me.

  5. Matt Salazar

    ‘Nuther good ‘un.

    More Trik Track!

  6. John Radcliff

    Hey Longtime Listener, Joe Vallina is going to be in town in April. I’ll see if we can’t do something. Although he wasn’t in the Swivels, I haven’t kept in contact with any of the Swivels except Tom Medvick. Shame on me. I’d love to get the Feast of Stephen back together for a show or just a song.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  7. ScottyJ

    No, Mel being hancuffed to Crowza was legit.

  8. Mountain Woman Phd.

    This is a really enjoyable show. The bleep in John Radcliff’s song was a little less than graceful, but the song was wonderful. It’s always good to hear Rusty Marks, too. I hope he performs acoustically on the show some time. Pentagram Flowerbox continues to confuse me in a good way. It was really a shock to see the woman who sang “Ave Maria” in such a lovely manner step into a wrestling ring.

    It’s nice to see the show hosted from my familiar haunts in town, too. I can’t remember how many times I’ve walked under the Charleston Arch.

  9. Mandy

    Thanks so much for the MySpace invite! This is such a cute little show! Once i get back home where my connection is better i’m going to go watch the archives!

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