This is the nineteenth episode of Radio Free Charleston, “Ian Rotten Shirt,” from May 2007, with music from Go Van Gogh and The Ghosts Of Now, plus a Pentagram Flowerbox cartoon, which has been restored to its original place in the show.

This show marks the RFC debut of Lee Harrah, who is still a frequent guest and a valued production team member in addition to being my co-star in Word Association with Lee and Rudy, which can be heard Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on Appalachian Independent Radio.

You can also hear shows from the Empty Glass produced by, and in one instance co-hosted by Jason “Roadblock” Robinson on The AIR. That’s Roadblock playing bass in The Ghosts of Now with Lee on vocals. Check out AIR here…

radio graphic 1 29

The Mystery camera person who shot the original footage of Go Van Gogh turned out to be none other than Melissa Beezley (now Melissa Beezely Johnson) who has been a friend of RFC since the radio days.

You can read the original production notes here.

And don’t be surprised if bonus posts from The International Toy Fair in New York start turning up here in PopCult tonight or tomorrow.