From April 2008, this music-packed show featured A Place Of Solace, Holden Caulfield, and from Nashville, special guests The Coal Men. We also had an announcement from The Concept, and a short burst of animation from Frank Panucci.  Hosted from Davis Park, in Downtown Charleston. We featuredthis episode in a flashback last year, but had to go back and iron out a couple of glitches. Here’s the new and improved version.

A Place of Solace does their song “30 Seconds” on the show.Nahville’s Coalmen perform “Outside Looking In” on this episode of RFC in a live video from Nashville to note their then-recent show at The Empty Glass. They’re great guys who went on to have their music used in “The Deadliest catch” and appear on Mountain Stage. We recorded legendary punk band Holden Caulfield performing “Behold! The End” at the La Belle Theater in South Charleston in the summer of 2007, and saved the performance for this show.

You can read the original production notes HERE.