Contining our tour of shooting locations of The Walking Dead…

We made it to Grantville on Thanksgiving Day, when all the businesses were closed for the holiday and the town had a really cool, eerie vibe to it. Being nearly deserted, we really got the feel of the “Clear” episode of The Walking Dead, from season three, that was shot largely in Grantville. Because we went to Grantville on a holiday, we couldn’t indulge in the Grantville Walking Dead Tour.


Meanwhile, in Grantville, this old train depot was transformed into a restaurant, where Michonne and Carl went to find a phot of his mother.



The Grantville Walking Dead Tours start here…unless you show up on Thanksgiving.


This building houses Morgan’s apartment from the “Clear: episode. It has been reconstructed to look just like it did on the show, and the apartment next door is an Airbnb, if you’re a real die-hard fan of the show.



The stoeps leading up to Morgan’s apartment, which we could have gone up had we not shown up on Thanksgiving when everything was closed.



These still-standing walls of a decrepit building would be plenty creepy, even if they hadn’t figured prominently in “Clear.”



Inside the walls, we find an alternate version of the “Away With You” grafitti.



On the outside wall, the grafitti as seen on the show. And with that, we take our leave. More photo essays are coming all week long.