twd001We’ve shown you around Senoia Georgia in a photo essay this week, but we didn’t just spend our Thanksgiving week in that area just for the ample pleasantness of the place. We wanted to see some of the shooting locations of The Walking Dead. In previous visits we’d seen most of the cool locations in Senoia, proper, like the wall at Alexandria you see at the right, but this time we had plenty of opportunity to make trips to Haralson and Grantville.

In this photo essay we’re going to share some of the scenery we took in. Now, we did not go on any of the organized tours. We want to save some fun for future visits.

The day before Thanksgiving we drove down the road a bit from Senoia to Haralson, where we checked out Cherokee Rose Retail, a pretty expansive zombie-themed gift shop that is the home of Walkin’ Dead Tours and Events and The Esco Paranormal Tour. It’s a great place to visit if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead.

This won’t be our last visit, but we did get a few cool images to share.


Another shot of the wall in Senoia.


The wall is pretty huge, actually.



Another shot of the famous water tower



In case you were wondring why I don’t have any close-ups of the wall, well, you gotta respect the rules when you’re that close to a major television show set.



Cherokee Rose Retail is the starting base for the Walkin’ Dead Tour of Harrelson, and also has tons of cool zombie stuff inside.



A wall of autographed photos and cool stuff



Fans can dress up like cast members and be inserted in the show, via green screen, for souvenir photos



Fans can also check out weapons and cosplay along the tour



There are loads of cool things for the zombie aficianado



Nearby is the Esco Feed Mill, where they shot the meetings between Rick and The Governor, and where Merle meet his final fate.



More of the Esco Feed Mill, which is also the site of a paranormal tour.



Another nearby building in Harrelson is recognizable from the show.

Next we look at the town of Grantville.